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4601 Winterbrook Court, Columbia MO 65203

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Lynn Milyo  

Lynn is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through a leading Pilates education company called Balanced Body Inc. and also through the Pilates Method Alliance. She has been teaching various forms of pilates for about 7 years. She became interested in Pilates in order to alleviate back issues & injury and subsequent pain.    


When Lynn saw how effectively Pilates helped her control and overcome her back pain, she wanted to share the method with others.  Years later, Pilates also helped her recover her strength and stamina after she contracted a rare viral induced heart illness.


Because Lynn has personally known pain and illness, she am an ideal instructor for others who are rehabilitating from injury and illness or just want to return or achieve a higher level of fitness.  


Lynn is married and has two children and a dog.  She is a former Merck & Co. pharmaceutical representative and has a Master of Public Health degree from Boston University.  ​


The Studio

PIlates sessions are offered in Lynn's home studio located in the southwest side of Columbia.  Lynn's studio offers a quiet place for optimal comfort and concentration.  Additionally, the home studio allows me to charge clients a lower and more affordable rate than similar training at a gym or pilates studio. The room has a soaring ceiling and a simple, airy, and industrial feel condusive for concentration and focus. 

Equiped with: 

four reformer machines

two towers

two pilates chairs

ladder barrel


bosu balls

an ARC spine corrector

stability balls